Ankara became a brand city, exemplary to the world, after 20 years we spent servicing for the metropolitans. Our city, Ankara, which has its name frequently mentioned for international awards gained and selected the most livable city, blossomed out with my valuable metropolitan fellow citizens and will continue to blossom out.

Turkey's capital Ankara, whose life quality increased with urban transformation projects that we sustain across the board of the city, life standards has risen with our social and cultural actions, which has become the address of modernity and evoke admiration with greening efforts, continues to embrace all elders, youngsters, women and disabled citizens without any discrimination.

While our countless services that we have brought in our capital, Ankara as Metropolitan Municipality have become exemplary to the world, awards we gained fill us with pride. Our city that we developed considering your wishes and realized hand in hand with you, Dear Metropolitans, is getting ready not only for today but also for our future. 

We, as Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which is exemplary to Turkey and even to the world and acts with an understanding of local government that prioritizes to increase life quality, peace and welfare of its citizens, will fearlessly, tirelessly and with the same excitement and enthusiasm continue to carry out our activities.

We are running big sized projects that increase the city’s brand equity at the international platform, enrich the city’s value and reach service to the back of the beyond all over the city.
We succeed different kind of works that includes social and cultural projects, education and health, infrastructure works and superstructure design, urban transformation projects etc. Now, we continue these works progressevly and increase them according to needs.

Our efforts, which puts our capital over the moon and accelerates this rising will not remain limited to this and our Ankara will continue to change and improve from end to end and from head to foot. We will continue to realize projects that cannot even be imagined one by one and continue to become a city that evokes admiration.

Thanks to everybody, who doesn’t refrain to support, firstly you valuable fellow metropolitans, our governments and the workmates at Metropolitan Municipality.


Doç. Dr. Mustafa TUNA

Metropolitan Municipality Mayor